At 28 km from the campsite, discover the Eyzies de Tayac-Sireuil,“World Capital of Prehistory“, famous for its particular troglodytic architecture, its exceptional natural space and its prehistoric caves unique in the world.

The prehistoric caves near the campsite

Les Eyzies has many prehistoric archeological sites classified as World Heritage by UNESCO as “prehistoric sites and decorated caves of the Vézère valley”.

Occupied since the Paleolithic era, Les Eyzies has preserved and enhanced its rich heritage. It is in this luxuriant valley of the Perigord that the Cro-Magnon Man was discovered and that we find the most beautiful cave paintings in the world, like Font de Gaume and Combarelles.

The National Museum of Prehistory

The National Museum of Prehistory
is the absolute reference for the Paleolithic period. The museum exhibits collections of objects coming mainly from the sites and deposits of the Vézère valley.

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