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The Cave of Domme

During your stay at our campsite near Domme, discover the largest cave in the Périgord Noir. Under the bastide, 450 m of galleries and a panoramic elevator with views over the Dordogne valley await you.

Campsite near Domme La Bastide de Domme

10km from the campsite, discover Domme, a sumptuous bastide situated on a rocky outcrop. Labelled “Les Plus Beaux Villages de France Les Plus Beaux Villages de France” label, the village offers great sightseeing and breathtaking views over the Dordogne valley.


Domme was founded in 1281 by the French king Philippe III le Hardi, on top of a cliff to protect himself from a possible English attack. Its strategic position led to many vicissitudes during the Hundred Years’ War, with the city constantly switching from one side to the other.
In 1307, the Gate of the Towers was used as a prison by the Templars. 70 prisoners were locked up there. The Templars engraved a message on it, graffiti consisting of words, crucifixes, figures, etc. still visible today but still indecipherable. Domme, which remained Catholic, was attacked several times during the War of Religions in the 16th century, and then suffered the uprising of the Périgord crusaders until the 17th century.
Despite its eventful history, Domme has survived the centuries without suffering the ravages of time. The city offers itself to us as it was. You can easily get there by staying at our campsite near Domme.

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Graffiti Templars

The imposing gateway to the towers of the Bastide Royale de Domme, a true jewel of 13th century military architecture, contains some strange graffiti.
In 1970, Canon Tonnelier attributed them to the famous knights of the Order of the Temple. According to him, 70 Templars were locked up there between 1307 and 1320. In this way, they would have recorded their testimony to the end of their lives.
In 2018, during a restoration campaign, a new study of the engravings was commissioned which stated that the theses of Canon Tonnelier could no longer be retained that it was probably “…a place of waiting, even of idleness…” that “…the aesthetic dimension should not be neglected…” and that “…some graffiti may also be purely gratuitous…”
Today everyone is unanimous, the graffiti of Domme remain an exceptional set.
Now, the mystery of the graffiti on the Porte des Tours is back! … No one can come to Domme without trying to see this historical and enigmatic treasure.
But what do you think?

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A charming stroll at the gateway to the campsite near Domme

Domme has many surprises in store for visitors and walkers. Stroll through the picturesque streets lined with blond stone houses and small flower gardens. Walk along the ramparts and admire the vast panorama over the Dordogne valley and the most beautiful neighboring villages of La Roque-Gageac and Beynac-et-Cazenac. You will be seduced by staying at our campsite near Domme!

The must-see of Domme

  • Templar graffiti
  • Caves with concretions
  • La Barre terrace
  • Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption church
  • The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions

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