A walk among the monkeys

The pretty monkey forest of Rocamadour extends over 20 shaded hectares. The particularity is that this place presents 150 barbary macaques in freedom. It’s time to opt for an unforgettable walk in the middle of a hundred monkeys in complete safety!

A commitment to the protection of animals

You will be able to discover in complete freedom, monkeys living in optimal conditions. This forest participates in the preservation of endangered species by making the public aware of the threats to these monkeys. You will not see any cages, thehe Magot monkeys roam freely in this large forest.

The experts of the Rocamadour monkey forest have observed normal behaviors from the animals. This species of monkey has already had contact with humans, especially in Africa. The species is known to be calm and non-aggressive. Magot monkeys also come from an environment where the climate is similar to France. The monkeys are therefore perfectly accustomed to the local climate!

Come and discover them with your family!