60 km from the campsite, visit the Gouffre de Padirac and dive into the bowels of the earth. Considered as one of the greatest geological curiosities of France, the site will seduce young and old curious. Take advantage of your stay to visit an unforgettable place. Take the time to visit this beautiful place with your family. You will take with you unforgettable memories. The little ones, as well as the big ones: everyone will leave with beautiful images in their head by staying at our campsite near the Gouffre de Padirac.

Discovered in 1889 by Edouard-Alfred Martel, the abyss of Padirac can be visited on foot and by boat. Descend to a depth of 103 meters and embark on an incredible boat ride on the underground river. Discover the Great Pendeloque, a giant stalactite of 60 m high.

Continue on foot to the Great Dome Hall, whose vault rises to a height of 94 meters. Admire the multiple concretions and cascades of calcite, shaped over thousands of years by nature.

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Explore the lake of rain

After a boat ride along the Plane River, the walls widen and reveal the Rainy Lake. It will offer you an incredible unique view!

Its thin, cracked ceiling lets the raindrops from the surface flow through and constantly feed the lake.

Staying at our campsite near the Gouffre de Padirac is an opportunity to discover this incredible place in the heart of the Dordogne, and with your family.

The Lake of Gours

Enjoy a moment in the quiet of the thousand-year-old dams. The underground adventure often announces new wonders.

Here the discovery is done on foot, when the Lac des Gours appears in front of you. At the bottom of the river, calcite dams are emerging. These natural levels called gours follow one another until a peaceful pond, where you can enjoy the calm.

These landings were however severe obstacles to Edouard-Alfred Martel’s expeditions about 130 years ago, forcing him to carry his heavy boat over them and continue his journey through the water.

camping près du gouffre de padirac
gouffre de padirac

The room of the big dome

A veritable mineral cathedral, the Grand Dome Room offers without a doubt the most majestic view of this entire incredible visit. Its ceiling reaches 94 meters. This gigantic room, is the result of a very intense erosion which took place 2 million years ago. Making it one of the largest underground rooms that can be visited in France.

Edouard-Alfred Martel described the Grand Dome Hall as an unfinished abyss. It seems that erosion stopped before creating a connection with the surface. Nowadays, the climate is no longer conducive to the erosion of limestone. The structure of the room is now stable.